Erin Mendell has an interesting article in the October 8th issue of The Wall Street Journal.  In her piece, “A Dramatic Entrance Guaranteed,” she touts the creative firepower of unique materials used in balustrades to exact a dramatic entrance. The article goes on to show some spectacular staircases in a variety of styles/motifs and materials.

As a purveyor of architectural lighting, especially one with a history in step lighting, I could only notice the absence of, and opportunity for, step illumination.  I recognize my bias, and appreciate that not every style requires step lighting, but the careful insertion of tasteful lighting changes the impression of an entrance from dramatic to spectacular.

RSL has an option and a lighting solution for each one of these applications. Our team has illuminated grand staircases, in every architectural style, for over thirty years.  With a variety of fixtures, up to twelve light temperatures and options, we are confident that a solution can be crafted for your project: guaranteed.

Call, click, or e-mail us today with your desires.  We are looking forward to working together.

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