LED signage is a perfect option for enhancing a company’s brand.

One creative idea for LED signage is placing the signage inside, facing out. Storefronts with large windows or glass encasements are great candidates for indoor LED signage. Consider diffusing the LED lights by adding plastic foam core board or using Neon LED lights. In the project pictured above, LED signage enhances the branding aesthetic of the side entrance into a coffee shop that had very little visibility. Limitations with city ordinances only allowed signage to be installed inside the coffee shop. With the help of LED lighting by RSL, the coffee shop brand logo and bicycle rack are subtly backlit with RSL’S versatile, low profile RW12 and RN Trim LED linear lights. The LED signage not only increased visibility from the adjacent street, but also incorporated a custom detail consistent with the aesthetic of the coffee shop.

LED indoor signage - Evening  view

LED indoor signage – Evening view

Why Use RSL?

RSL has the unique ability to quickly provide clients with LED’s in custom lengths to the nearest 1/4 inch. Our team of engineers look forward to providing creative custom solutions to any lighting idea or problem. From step lighting to adjustable shelf lighting RSL can provide the highest quality, most durable LED lighting on the market. Call us today!