Product Recommendations

Low Profile Step Light RW12-LED

Trim Line RN -LED

LED’s selected for the signage in this project were chosen specifically for their slim profile and subtle white light. The signage was framed and designed with a 3″ depth. RSL’s low voltage fixtures were placed away from the front of the sign on both the top and bottom.  A hollow core plastic board was added to further diffuse the glow. The wires were easily hidden through metal piping and a small opening in the wall. RSL’s LED lights consume little power and will last several years before needing replaced.



Product Recommendations

Neon Flex Light- RA24 LED

Create inspiring and unique applications without the hassles of glass neon.



Energy Efficient


Available colors: White (2700K, 4000K, 6500K), Amber, Pink, Red, Blue, Orange and Green.




Product Recommendations

Low Profile Step Light RWX12-LED 

Slim Line RA 

Wide Array S 

Handpicked illumination can transform the mundane into the marvelous. Our low voltage fixtures consume little power and produce magnificent light in all settings and applications.




Product Recommendations

Low Profile Special Purpose RWX24-LED

Slim Line RA-LED

Petite Profile

Honoring lives lost in the Oklahoma City Bombing, RSL incorporated a custom, top of the line white and amber LED lighting combination in every chair. Occasionally the light, and what it represents, deserves the most attention.