Concrete Step Light RV- LED

Stairway to Heaven; A Step Light Primer

Thinking of Lighting Your Stairways or Steps? You may not be lighting a “stairway to heaven,” but have you ever wondered what you could do to add that important safety element or cast just the right amount of light, and the right quality of light, onto a drab, utilitarian stair system transforming it into a vibrant, beautiful […]

Project at The Coffee Ethic. Backlighting signs with RSL's RN and RW LED lighting.

Creative Ideas for LED Signage

LED signage is a perfect option for enhancing a company’s brand. One creative idea for LED signage is placing the signage inside, facing out. Storefronts with large windows or glass encasements are great candidates for indoor LED signage. Consider diffusing the LED lights by adding plastic foam core board or using Neon LED lights. In the project pictured […]


Illuminated Staircases are Spectacular

Erin Mendell has an interesting article in the October 8th issue of The Wall Street Journal.  In her piece, “A Dramatic Entrance Guaranteed,” she touts the creative firepower of unique materials used in balustrades to exact a dramatic entrance. The article goes on to show some spectacular staircases in a variety of styles/motifs and materials. […]

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Choosing LED Lighting in Upcoming Projects?

Choosing LED Lighting in Upcoming Projects? What was once a simple decision due to limited options, can now seem rather complex. Try streamlining the process by considering these most often overlooked elements: Fixture Location and Purpose, Color Variety and Temperature, Brightness and/or Intensity and LED Lighting Accessories. Location, Location, Location. Where will the LED lighting be located in your upcoming […]


Transformers for Ultimate Illumination

Many light fixtures may be powered from one transformer, as long as the load does not exceed the transformer capacity. In most cases it is best to power one room or one area on its own transformer rather than trying to combine areas, because of switching convenience. Our transformers can be used indoors, or outdoors when mounted in an upright position. Proper planning should include wire sizing from transformer to light location and installation in a well ventilated area…